Helping Your Energy Data Change the World

Our Focus

We innovate through technology with the goal of saving the environment.

Energy Data Ledgerization

E2F2 is a standards and ratings organization which defines how data used in the energy industry can be stored and accessed within immutable, decentralized ledgers. We strive for ease of accessibility to decentralized datastores, defining file standards and data protocols that will allow interoptibility between services / providers.

Interopability Toolkit

HPXML is a format standard for storing home performance data based on the old HTML/XML standards. We will propose a key-signing method that allows contractors and auditors to add their signature to home performace rating datasets on-ledger, which are then verifiable via cross-chain smart-contracts.

Performance Reward Algorithms

By digitally crediting homeowners for positive environmental performance in their own communities, we seek to set the new standard for the measurement of sustainable practices and spur homeowner and industry engagement.

Credit Market Assurance Guidelines

E2F2 seeks to create a new standard of transparency and immutability, transcending the current closed-off and volatile state of the industry and advancing prog

Who We Are

It is the mission of the Energy Efficient Futures Foundation (E2F2) to inform communities regarding the necessity of sustainable principles and facilitate the installation of renewable energy systems on a local and global level. Our purpose stems from the growing realization that the demand for energy is unsupportable by environmentally damaging fossil fuels; to meet an increasing long-term demand, a paradigm shift needs to occur in modern energy systems. As stated by President Obama to the joint session of congress, "To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy." It is our goal to help propagate this change through outreach and technological advancement, therefore contributing to a more socially and environmentally conscious future.

  • Changing the National Standard

    Through our work, we will start a new national dialogue regarding renewable energy and the necessity of its ubiquity across the country.

  • Committed to Creating a Better Future

    We are researching and implementing ways to expand renewable energy and bring new renewable technologies to home and business owners.

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