June 6, 2016


As a homeowner, you have the opportunity to make money for the positive social actions you already take.  By forming easy habits like recycling, carpooling, or eating a healthier diet, you can earn corresponding credits and get rewarded for your positive contribution to society.

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032-srecs-infographicEarning Credits

E2F2 credits operate similarly to the SREC market, but encompass all aspects of sustainability.  Further, credits are immutable and easy to track, opening up the marketplace to the public and allowing anyone to begin earning credits.

To start the process, homeowners will enter simple metrics, such as the number of days that a home is weatherized. On the back end, data metrics will be calculated to quantify the sustainability impact of each action, ultimately resulting in the minting and awarding of relevant credits to the homeowner.  These credits will be sold to the relevant stakeholders, and homeowners will receive money through a simple and intuitive interface.