June 6, 2016

About Us

We are a Virginia-based nonprofit 501c(3) entity promoting DHS data systems that will serve as an efficient form of data storage and promote accessibility to homeowners and companies to facilitate a market-based environment open to all.  E2f2 operates through a board of directors and specific working groups.

Board Members

Active board members are heavily involved in the creation and adoption of our standard.  Through collaboration with working groups and industry members, they enhance the nonprofit by facilitating the implementation of credits.

Inactive board members serve an advisory role, helping develop the relationships and industry participation necessary to implement E2F2 standards.


Credit Working Groups

To investigate the home-related data, E2F2 relies on the creation of working groups designed to compute how sustainability data affects a homeowner’s propensity to earn credits. These groups will seek to define how different metrics amalgomate to mint credits, thus rewarding positive social action.

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Ledgerization Working Group

In tandem with working groups for individual credit types, a technically-focused group is designated to create and augment the associated ledgers.  Through these groups, E2F2 will accurately measure the various positive externalities created by living a sustainable lifestyle.